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alvarado52 03-30-2017 06:27 AM

Split (2017)
Have you guys seen this yet? I just finished watching it. Really interesting movie but OMFG
as soon as that music started playing at the end I was like "no fucking way with is part of the Unbreakable universe, they have to just be reusing the music"...then that reveal. I had goosebumps.

RP 04-07-2017 02:27 AM

man that movie was real good. Professor X should get nominated for an oscar.

Malfeitor 04-17-2017 10:16 PM

The movie was so god damn good. I just watched it last night.

Unbreakable is one of my all time favorite movies and the ending to this film blew my fucking mind.

Juan 04-21-2017 05:12 AM

Really liked it, just got done watching it. 8/10

Seanny One Ball 04-21-2017 12:59 PM

Is it really that good? I'll check it out but I found the trailers very off putting.

Frank Drebin 04-21-2017 02:04 PM

Yeah its good. Not "flip the genre on its head" crazy good or anything but I enjoyed it. Also....that last scene.....

Seanny One Ball 04-21-2017 02:27 PM

Yeah a lot of people have ruined that surprise for me.

Frank Drebin 04-21-2017 02:54 PM

That sucks then. Even so, it had little bearing on the rest of the movie. Worth a rental.

Seanny One Ball 04-21-2017 04:09 PM


I only started liking James McAvoy recently. It was after Filth. Given that Filth is a piece of shit it's kind of amazing how good he is in it.

Ripper 04-21-2017 08:33 PM

Sadly knowing the twist going in will inevitably spoil it mate, on second view I found myself waaay overthinking things in light of knowledge, I do think the final part will be excellent though, as long as they get all three main players in somehow.

Savio 06-08-2017 06:53 PM

I liked it, it would have been good even without the kicker at the end. Wikipedia spoiled it for me by looking at the old movie

Seanny One Ball 09-17-2017 12:09 PM

Knowing the ending didn't really ruin it for me but I wasn't overly high on the film as a whole.
McAvoy was a bit laughable at times. Too over the top in a movie where the truly insidious creepiness would be reliant on a far more subtle source of fear i.e it would have been far scarier had he transformed while under the control of his little boy psyche rather than "The Beast" which was just bloody silly.

I am a huge M Night Shyamalan fan too so I was disappointed. Anya Taylor Joy was superb though, she really was good.

At least now we get Glass!

Malfeitor 09-26-2017 11:11 PM

Can’t wait for Glass.

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